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New England Soccer Academy


“Dear Coach Wiercinski, I attended your soccer camp last week, and had an absolute blast. Thank you for making it so memorable and helpful in building me as a player.”

“I enjoyed my time at the New England Soccer Academy. The Bowdoin camp stood out for me this summer because of the level of play. The involvement of players also gave me a better view of the program and was unlike any of the camps that I've attended.”

“Thank you for a terrific week of camp! I enjoyed playing under Coach Dezotell, as well as watching the staff demonstrations to get a feel of how you guys train. Honestly, I enjoyed the vibe of Bowdoin more than any other college I have been to. The players were very friendly, the staff all around Bowdoin were welcoming, and the campus was beautiful. I love Maine. By the end of camp, I felt like I had a real bond with everyone on my team, whereas in other overnight camps I have been to, I left not knowing anyone’s name…I definitely want to come back to the Bowdoin camp next year, and hope to stay in touch until then.”

"Overall the camp was great. I learned a good amount- largely over attacking with speed / counterattacks. I thought the coaches were great guys and they were amazing at keeping their patience. I also really appreciated the soccer tennis on the second to last day. Everyone was struggling with muscle cramps, and the break helped us recover. Loved the camp."

"I think it was a great experience to be able to learn with many different players and
coaches. There were some concepts that I knew about but didn't understand the details behind and some things I learned that were completely new. Overall I think it was really fun and helpful to my game."

"Overall, this camp was a great learning experience and gave me the chance to showcase my
skills to a vast array of college coaches."

"This camp really pushed my physically and mentally. It was definitely a good test of
my ability and I feel that I have improved because of the lessons that I've learned at
this camp."

"Overall, I found my coach’s coaching to be highly effective overall in terms of getting the most out of each and every player on our team. Many thanks."